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07 November 2012


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Fascinating! The scope for speculation on covert agendas appears to be boundless, as indeed does the corruption which pervades the EU being overlooked.

Martin Bralsford

As was seen again this week, the EU is not able to produce audited accounts; what a state of affairs! Although they are said to be improving. But the culture of the EU Commission is predominantly French, where the Enarques float between Government, Ngo’s and Industry in a fairly seamless way. Whilst it works for them, it is not so much the practice in Anglo Saxon cultures, which appear to have been generally more successful. But it would be likely (with the dominance of French national MD’s) that the IMF has established traditions more along the French lines, where switching into and out of politics and the market driven sectors is not seen as unusual and dirigiste tendencies are still strong. I think all Senior Executives in supra-national organisations should have explicit watertight boundaries with their national Governments.
Is this the sort of thing that’s appropriate?

Best wishes

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