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27 September 2012


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Russia Today carried an interview with one William Engdahl who sought to explain the current Mid-East situation in terms of controlling China's access to oil.

I've no idea whether it was correct but it certainly seemed logical.

Unfortunately the BBC is increasingly of the "good v bad" style of reporting. Would that life were so simple.Presumably this is why the BBC is becoming increasingly discredited as a source for news.

@ of o


The BBC is a state enforced dictatorship - oppressed United Kingdom residents pay for it on pain of exhorbitant fines or arrest and imprisonment at the hands of state police.

Democracy? What democracy? Where? Britain is a pan-institutional dictatorship, as is the rest of the West.

Electing a dictatorship every five years is the antithesis of democracy - or hadn't you realised?


Thank you, Terry. I had also noticed with some concern the often biased and selective BBC reporting of these events in Libya, Syria and so on. It's interesting to watch how similar events are portrayed on RTS, for comparison, although I'm not suggesting this is more accurate - but it does encourage you to 'process' the messages from the BBC with a little more care. On a related point - the prevalance of 'lazy journalism' is also a concern, with the BBC and others latching on to & squeezing every drop from easy stories that come along relating to, for example, media personalities. As a result, events that are of much greater importance (incompetence of public officials, corruption and the like) often simply get dropped and forgotten about, only for us to find out the real detail of the scandal years later, when it should have been thoroughly investigated at the time.

Terry Smith

Terry: Sadly you are right.

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