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02 July 2012


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Stephen Bardle

Mr Smith, an article in Moneyweek, February 2011, reports the following regarding your position on the Euro:
"So there is hope for old Europe. Does he think the euro will survive? Yes."
Is this still the case, as recently you seem to have taken a very bearish stance on the Euro?

debra eddy

Absolutely the banks need to be split.
Absolutely the Euro will split (latest polls in Germany indicate a distinct lack of appetite to support the peripherary countries; the fissure between Paris and Berlin may result in this playing out sooner rather than later).
Absolutely the UK is in for a day of reckoning. Government needed to follow the Canadian model and start with a blank sheet of paper and then empower taxpayers through tax cuts. No one had the courage to put forward the argument, although UK opinion polls suggest Brits are willing to hear it.
Thought your appearance on Question Time was uncharacteristically restrained, but lovely to see you starting to feature more widely on the BBC (yourself and Mr Farage seemed to suffer from the Beeb's left wing tendencies).
Go Terry, go,

Terry Smith

Debra thank you for that comment. The Canadian experience is also an example of how politicians can tell people the unpalatable truth, implement difficult decisions and get re-elected, which we are told is impossible. I was restrained on Question Time: it’s an unusual format with a live audience which participates and it was clear from the untelevised warm up question that a) the audience is not balanced (there’s a shock); and b) they were massively on the side of Tony “Baldrick” Robinson’s cockamamie rants.

Grumpy Oldman

Terry for BoE governor!!
That is all.

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