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24 July 2012


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i am a long time follower of your very sensible views on Europe and the UK financial / banking matters.

i cant help but ask, in a time that the world banks are unwinding themselves of years of folly then how can this be a positive situation for the company that you are CEO of - Tullett Prebon? If the world goes to the position that you paint then presumably Tullett Prebon has some short term tough times ahead?


Grumpy Oldman

Turks probably have much younger population than W Europe+probably much lower average wage


Can't argue with that! Well said Terry, when will our politicians wake up to the fact that they should be representing us honestly, and doing what's right for us. As opposed to flogging political idealism. The facts speak for themselves.

Terry Smith

Grumpy Oldman: True. But I would guess they also dodged a bullet by avoiding EU/Eurozone membership.

Nev: I don’t think I should really comment on Tullett Prebon’s prospects on my blog. I think there are tough times ahead for many businesses.


It is regrettable that along with a number of other important issues, our politicians, led by Messrs Cameron and Osborne have allowed their arrogance and penchant for putting self interest, above national interest, seem to be keener than ever to herd us deeper into Europe.

Since their collective arguments regarding how much better off we are in the EU, have been exposed for the lies that they are, one can only assume that the majority of our MPs who appear to be overt, or closet Europhiles, are eager to get aboard the gravy train the EU affords its inner circle.

The only solution I can see to prevent us from drowning in the stinking corruption of the EU, is a mass defection to UKIP. The problem then is that would also require those MPs who are, or claim to be Euro sceptics to defect as well! That raises the question of whether or not they have the balls to do so?


As a Turkish national, I am glad you showed a country who is not seeing EZ crisis as an excuse and sits on his a***e without doing anything when it comes to growth ... Even though they have fundamental issues.. Mr. Cameron keeps telling us EU is the biggest trader partner so he wastes his time and taxpayers money on uncountable numbers of EU submits . Turkey's export to EU, their biggest market, has dropped for the last few years but overall exports increased. Why,? because some part of the world is booming, this is where they focuse rather than waiting the EU to solve their problems.

One more thing Terry, Turkish people is not bothering about EZ crisis at all unlike British people do here.. If Mr. Cameron had spent his time with rest of the world, British people would talk more about growth and less EU crisis which would increase confidence to spend more, to invest more, to growth more....

P.S sorry for the grammer errors..

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