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12 December 2011


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Howard des Forges

Why is nobody asking us and other European populations whether they want their affairs dictated by Germany? If our laws are dictated or overarched by Brussels and our finances by Germany what is the UK government for? A regional assembly and no more?

Terry Smith

To Howard

That’s a very good question. Greece and Italy are already run by unelected EU appointed officials. The fact is that the people at the centre of the EU abhor democracy and free markets as they would hold them to account.


Excellent stuff Terry. I would only add to the hand wringers who want to tell us how isolated we are that we were truly isolated in 1939 with the surrender of France to Hitler's invading forces, yet we survived.

Those of us who saw on the news, Angela Merkel addressing the German people prior to the fiasco in Brussels, may have noticed that her spoken determination to keep flogging the dead donkey of the euro, rather than face the reality of its pending demise, was accompanied by a clenched fist to emphasise her points. Now was it in the 1930s we saw something remarkably similar from the then leader of Germany?

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