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15 July 2011


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I saw this interview and can only agree completely. The bias exhibited was extraordinary. And the ending where she cut you off was breathtaking in the extreme.


It's surely quite normal practice -- and good practice -- for British media interviewers to act as devil's advocates, putting the case opposing those being interviewed. It generates interesting conversation,helps the listener/viewer to judge the arguments critically and may enable interviewees to express their opinions more cogently. I watched the Terry Smith interview on Sky News and did not find the interviewer guilty of pro-Murdoch bias. This doesn't invalidate Smith's criticisms of Murdoch, of course.


You can see a clip of the interview here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JE-7-nQzQU

I agree with that the presenter was totally flumouxed by your opinion of Murdoch. I think they expected you to say something different. Whether they decided to censor you? As a journalist, I tend to favour the cockup theory first, but at this stage News Corp and therefore Sky News aren't entitled to the benefit of the doubt.


I will assume you were 'interviewed' by Kay Burley, as loyal a Murdoch lapdog as ever sat behind a desk....

I suggest you look her up on youtube, some priceless moments.


I too saw the interview and was astonished by the parti pris of the interviewer.

If that's Sky's idea of balanced journalism before the takeover, just think what it might have been after.

Terry Smith

Geoffrey, I agree that interviewers should play devil's advocate but it would be good if a) they weren't advocating the record of the Chairman and shareholder in their TV station; and b ) if they had a single fact to back up their advocacy. If I had been supportive, I wonder if the Sky presenter would have weighed in with anti Murdoch arguments?


I also saw your interview on Sky News - by accident - I thought I'd check how they were reporting Murdochgate - and found your points uncontroversial and clearly put, but the interviewer's attitude disgracefully biased. She refused to address your points and kept inviting you to join her in singing the praises of Murdoch's career trajectory.

I wonder if such tawdry interview technique is commonplace on Sky? And whether regular viewers of the channel thus become unable to detect unfair treatment of guests. Is there a full copy of this interview anywhere on the web? The version
on the Sky website - unsurprisingly - removes all trace of the egregious interviewer.

Matthew Steeples

The plot really thickens. It has now been revealed that Elisabeth Murdoch and her husband Matthew Freud held a party the day before the Dowler revelations at their home, Burford Priory. Amongst the guests was one Andrew Davis, whose Von Essen hotel empire recently collapsed with debts of hundreds of millions. Read more about him at http://dasteepsspeaks.blogspot.com/2011/07/talented-mr-davis.html

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