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07 February 2011


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Good work Terry.

The way Park and Dowding were treated (in comparison to Harris who appeared to get whatever he asked for) was appalling.

I hope someone does as good a job in raising the profile of the Admiral, Lord Cochrane!


And a thanks from me, too. I contributed some dosh, but the campaign needed a person able to take on the London nay-sayers!

Nick Thompson

Well deserved recognition of Terry Smith for his vision and persistence. Supporters may be interested to know that restoration of the other memorial to Sir Keith Park - the Battle of Britain class loco named after him – is proceeding well, and it may be back in steam this year, though we still need more people to sponsor the boiler tubes. More details at www.southern-locomotives.co.uk

Frederick A Trowern

A great man who well desrved the honours bestowed on him. Overall an unsung, underated and unappreciated commander of WW2. Rather like his boss, Sir Winston Churchill who won the war and lost the peace.

David Starkie

Congratulations on your justly deserved award. Those proud of the Country and what we did during the war with great help from the Empire and Commonwealth are most grateful for your efforts to write history as it should be written.

David Starkie

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