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17 September 2010


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A big thank you to Terry Smith for a truly memorable afternoon. Anyone not moved by the sound of the Merlin, would be made of stone.


when I saw the statue I felt a sense of joy and much admiration for your achievement, Terry. It looked so wonderful and right in its setting. I also wondered if you would feel deflated and at a loss after all that effort. you are wrong to think that at the end of the greasy pole there is nothing. You have given us and London a beautiful monument to a remarkable man.His light and your affection and admiration for him will continue to shine. Thank you. Anon.

eugene williams

Sept 15 was a remarkable day.The ceremony and the flyover gave me chills.The statue of Sir Keith is so real you almost expect it to move.Terry Smith should be so proud, but more importantly the people of Britain should always remember what "The Few" did for such a great Nation. I feel so privlaged, for letting me share in such a wonderful ceremony.I for one will never forget.Thank you

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